The “Support to Public Institutions in the Turkey Refugee and Resilience Response Plan (3RP)” report presents how 3RP partners are increasing their support to the Government of Turkey to continue to accommodate the largest refugee population in the world and implement the established national asylum framework. In 2017 and 2018, USD 430 million of international funding has been invested directly to help strengthen the capacity and resilience of public systems at local and national levels. The level of this support and gradual, yearly increase is evidence of the qualitative shift in the 3RP towards a stronger focus on support provided to, national capacities and institutional resilience- while continuing humanitarian support where needed. This analysis will be crucial going forward for 3RP partners in Turkey to monitor and reflect on results, identify gaps and priorities to be addressed jointly with Government and donors.

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  • Türkiye
  • October 2018
  • UNDP Turkey
  • Inter-Agency document