This brief sheds light on older peoples’ appeals, suffering and aspirations, and addresses issues of income security through social protection programmes and other channels of support that they have resorted to, especially amidst the country’s economic, financial and banking sector collapse. It also presents testimonies that touch on social health protection and the impact of the crises on the availability of services and the scope of coverage. Additionally, it features the intersection of social protection with other key issues, including gender, intergenerational solidarity, family care, ageism, loneliness, isolation, mental health as well as the far- reaching impact of the successive crises on older people from all social classes in Lebanon.

Most importantly, this brief conveys the struggles endured by older people as a result of gaps in the social protection system in the country. It also sends a message of hope for the adoption of a non-contributory social pension that guarantees minimum income security for all older people and helps secure a decent living for workers in the informal sectors and for those who have never participated in the labour market, primarily older women.

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  • Lebanon
  • 23 May 2022
  • ILO, HelpAge International
  • HelpAge + ILO document, Inter-Agency