As the conflict in Syria enters its seventh year, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan again stands at the forefront of meeting the challenges the war has wrought on its neighbours. The people of Jordan have welcomed refugees, despite the strain their presence has placed upon them, with the situation becoming more challenging over time. In long term exile, refugee families and their children are living in ever more precarious situations, with any savings depleted, their means to survive diminishing and negative coping mechanisms being adopted in response to growing financial stress – which is having direct impact on children. The challenges are particularly acute for the around 80 per cent of Syrian refugees living in urban areas in Jordan, primarily among the country’s most disadvantaged communities. Struggling to make ends meet while bearing the trauma of displacement, the majority live below the Jordanian poverty line. For the most vulnerable among them, receiving cash assistance is a literal lifeline.

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  • Jordan
  • November 2017
  • Overseas Development Institute, UNICEF, UNHCR
  • Inter-Agency document