COVID-19 has had an enormous impact on nearly every country in the world. Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon were already facing difficult to
extreme circumstances even before the pandemic erupted, making them particularly vulnerable, and compounding the effect. This report looks at the impact of the pandemic, associated lockdowns and economic shocks and other misfortunes which have compounded the crisis, such as sharply lower oil revenues in Iraq and the Port of Beirut explosion in Lebanon, as well as political instability in both.

The report estimates that 4.4 million people in the host communities and 1.1 million refugees or IDPs have been driven into poverty in the immediate aftermath of the crisis, and while this considers all of Lebanon, it only includes three governorates in Jordan and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, due to data limitations. A response commensurate with the magnitude of the shock is needed to prevent further misery.

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  • Regional
  • December 2020
  • Joint Data Center, World Bank Group, UNHCR
  • Inter-agency document