In Jordan, led by the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, the Jordan Response Platform for the Syria Crisis (JRPSC) constitutes the strategic partnership mechanism between the Government of Jordan, donors, United Nations agencies and NGOs for the development of a comprehensive refugee, resilience-strengthening and development response to the impact of the Syria crisis on Jordan. It also ensures the alignment of assistance to the Government’s main development priorities and harmonization with national systems for planning, programming and implementation.

The Jordan Response Plan (JRP) is a three-year rolling plan now covering the period 2017-2019 integrating refugee and resilience responses into one single plan for each sector and places the resilience of national systems and institutions at the core of the response. The plan provides a three-year vision to ensure that critical humanitarian measures and medium-term interventions are better integrated, sequenced and complemented.

Jordan has taken steps, including the signing of the “Jordan Compact” at the London Conference, to turn the response to the Syrian crisis into an opportunity for the development of the country towards the realization of its Vision 2025. As in the case of Lebanon, the CFF approved funding to support two projects in Jordan — amounting to USD 340 million in concessional financing. On access to labour markets, Jordan has extended until 31 December 2016 the grace period for work permits to be issued free of charge to Syrian refugees, with over 31,864 permits being issued to Syrian refugees as of 31 October 2016.

The JRP in full constitutes the Jordan chapter of the 3RP.

More information on the JRP is available at

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