Thirteen years since the outbreak of the Syria crisis, 3RP partners continue to work in an environment where long-term solutions for Syrian refugees remain extremely limited. The lives of refugees and those in host communities have become more challenging, exacerbated by high inflation rates and limited access to social services and economic opportunities. Some countries have witnessed increased social tensions between refugees and host community members.

In the past year, new conflicts as well as natural disasters have shaken the region, generating yet more challenges. In February, devastating earthquakes struck Southern Türkiye and North-West Syria, leaving millions displaced and homeless, and disrupting the education of countless children. This was followed by the conflict in Sudan that erupted in April, forcing over a million people to flee to
neighbouring countries, including Egypt. Floods in Libya were a stark reminder of the effects of climate change on fragile environments. Most recently, the Israel-Palestine conflict has already led to significant internal displacement of more than one million individuals in Gaza and tens of thousands in Lebanon. It has also raised concerns about instability spilling over into Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan.
Diplomatic efforts have progressed in the past year, and Syria was readmitted to the Arab League. However, the country’s socio-economic and political situation remains bleak, leaving millions of Syrians displaced internally and across the region.

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