Now in its eleventh year, Lebanon remains at the forefront of one of the worst humanitarian crises of our time and continues to host the highest number of displaced per capita and per square kilometre in the world, showing tremendous commitment to displaced Syrians and vulnerable populations within its borders. Lebanon constitutes a unique case as a host country, further facing the devastating impact of the unprecedented economic, financial, social and health crises of the last two years. As of October 2021, the Government of Lebanon (GoL) estimates that the country hosts 1.5 million Syrians who have fled the conflict in Syria, including 844,056 registered as refugees registered with UNHCR, along with 257,000 Palestinian refugees.2 These populations live across all governorates in Lebanon. Since 2015, Lebanon has received over US$8.2 billion in support for displaced Syrians, vulnerable Lebanese and Palestinian refugees under the Lebanon Crisis Response Plan (LCRP).

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