The Government of Lebanon (GoL) established an Inter-Ministerial Committee on Displaced as the highest national authority for international partners supporting the crisis response inside Lebanese territory, with the Ministry of Social Affairs (MOSA) mandated to oversee the Government’s response to the crisis. The Lebanon Crisis Response Plan (LCRP) is a joint GoL, United Nations and NGO plan to ensure that the humanitarian response to the Syria crisis benefits Lebanon and helps to stabilize the country. It is tailored to respond to the specific needs of Lebanon and vulnerable populations within this ongoing regional crisis and ensures that humanitarian and stabilization interventions are mutually reinforcing to deliver value, and emphasize support to Lebanon’s national capacities including its aid and assistance management efforts. In line with the requirements of multi-year planning, the LCRP has now evolved into a four-year strategic framework for 2017-2020.

Funding appealed for through the LCRP is complemented by the recently-established Concessional Financing Facility (CFF), which presents new pathways to mobilize large-scale international financing to address Lebanon’s longer-term development priorities.

The LCRP incorporates priority measures articulated in the GoL 2013 Roadmap of Priority Interventions for Stabilization from the Syrian Conflict and its updated projects, and furthers its three objectives: (i) to restore and expand economic and livelihood opportunities for vulnerable groups; (ii) to restore and build resilience in equitable access to and quality of sustainable public services; and (iii) to strengthen social stability.

Livelihoods and education activities are key priorities for the GoL and its national and international partners – as highlighted in Lebanon’s Statement of Intent for the London Conference – as they reduce the dependence of vulnerable people on aid, but also increase the productivity and income of local communities.

The LCRP in full constitutes the Lebanon chapter of the 3RP.

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