Release of 3RP Regional Guidance Kit for 2016 Planning

Amman, 1 September 2015:

The 3RP Regional Guidance Kit for 2016 Planning was today released at the 3RP Technical Workshop with around 100 Partners from across the Region.

The following materials are designed as generic regional guidance to be tailored at the country level in line with specific needs and circumstances in each country. The guidance notes provide specific guidance on different topics and aspects of 3RP Plan development. They are designed to assist Sector and Inter-sector Coordinators to complete the necessary templates and formats that make up their 3RP Plan Submission.

These materials can serve as recommendations and good practices for planning to be used in full, tailored, or not used at all, depending on the country context. The notes and templates should be considered complementary to any guidance issued at the country level for national planning processes. The materials are not intended as advice or instructions to governments on developing national plans or budgets. They are not intended to replace or supersede any country-level guidance.

The materials were developed by the 3RP Regional Drafting Committee, made up of UN and INGO representatives from each 3RP country and the regional level, and have been endorsed by the 3RP Regional Technical Committee, which is comprised of representatives of UN Agencies and INGOs at the regional level.


Download the 3RP Regional Guidance Kit for 2016 Planning
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