3RP Information Management and Monitoring & Evaluation Workshop

Venue: Istanbul

Date: 18 and 19 February

Participants: 3RP Inter-sector coordinators (refugee and resilience) from each country, Inter-sector IM/M&E focal person from each country, M&E/IM experts from regional agencies, including NGOs.



This workshop will build on a workshop (see attached report) held on 13 October 2014 which helped to inform the preparation and planning for the 3RP 2015-16.  As we move to the implementation phase of the 3RP, attention to M&E and IM from the beginning is critical for the ability of participants to report on the achievements of the 3RP in meeting its dual objectives of providing humanitarian assistance and building resilience among individuals, communities and systems.


Objectives of the Workshop:

The workshop will be based on an information-sharing model and is designed to propagate good practices, initiatives and approaches being undertaken at the country and regional level.  The workshop will examine issues both conceptually (ie: why and how we should use IM/M&E in the response) and technically (ie: what tools and methodologies are applicable and available). Consistent with the intention of the 3RP being country driven, the workshop will include reflections and existing or expected challenges at the country level to monitoring, evaluating and reporting on the implementation of the 3RP.

Based on these precepts, the objectives of the Workshop will be to:

  • Establish minimum standards or benchmarks for regional reporting, and confirm processes for reporting, including monthly (ie: output) dashboard reporting
  • generate ideas and actions for more in-depth quarterly dashboard reporting, including but not limited to options for:
    • resilience tracking, measurement and reporting;
    • outcomes/impact reporting, including establishing baselines from previous appeals;
    • financial tracking for both the humanitarian and non-humanitarian components.
  • generate ideas and actions to meet donor demand for more information and reporting on assessment, prioritization and targeting approaches.
  • Map capacity and resources in countries and at regional support level, and any gaps that may prevent the achievement of high quality IM, M&E and Reporting processes.


Expected Outcomes of the Workshop:

  • Shared understanding of the time-lines, roles and responsibilities respective countries and minimal expectations as to regional level expectations on M&E, Reporting and IM tools, products and process for 3RP.
  • Shared understanding of resilience monitoring concepts and frameworks, and how they can be presented in 3RP reporting.
  • Shared understanding of outcomes/impact reporting, and how they can be presented in 3RP reporting.
  • Agreement on minimum requirements for financial tracking at country and regional level, and presentation of options for tools and process for this tracking.
  • Options for more harmonized assessment, prioritization and targeting tools/mechanisms.
  • Map of resources and capacity to implement and achieve M&E, Reporting and IM outcomes at country and regional level


Background Information and Papers:


Logitsics Note

Background Questions for Countries

Previous Workshop Report, October 2014



Jason Pronyk, UNDP: jason.pronyk@undp.org

Dipendra Shahi, UNHCR: shahi@unhcr.org

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