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UN agencies warn humanitarian needs growing in Syria and region: nearly US$8 billion urgently needed in 2016

NEW YORK (12 January 2016) – With Syria’s war heading towards a 6th year and with no end to the conflict in sight, UN humanitarian and development agencies today appealed to member states for US$7.73 billion in vital new funding for 2016 to help 22.5 million people in Syria and across the region. The appeal comprises two main elements: help for an anticipated 4.7 million refugees in neighbouring countries by the end of 2016 as well as 4 million people in communities hosting them, and support for 13.5 million displaced and conflict-affected people inside Syria itself. The first of these elements, the Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan (3RP) 2016 covers the activities of some 200 partners including UN agencies, inter-governmental organizations and non-governmental organizations in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt. Amounting to $4.55 billion, the appeal aims to support people forced to flee Syria into the surrounding region and the communities in which they are being hosted. “While the influx to Europe has finally focused the attention of the world on the Syria crisis and the epic levels of human suffering it produces, the biggest burden by far is shouldered by communities and governments in the region,” said UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi. “We must stop Syrian refugees sliding deeper into abject poverty, boost their hope in their own future and that of their country, and do more to help those hosting them,” Grandi added. Key strategic directions in the 3RP this year include greater investment in education and increased opportunities for vocational training and livelihoods for refugees and host communities. The partners behind the programme... read more

Launch of the 3RP Regional Strategic Overview 2016-2017

The Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan (3RP) 2016-2017 in response to the Syria crisis was released on 7 December as part of the launch of the Global Humanitarian Overview. The Regional Strategic Overview of the 3RP 2016-2017 is available for download here:   Download the 3RP Regional Strategic Overview... read more

Release of 3RP Regional Guidance Kit for 2016 Planning

Amman, 1 September 2015: The 3RP Regional Guidance Kit for 2016 Planning was today released at the 3RP Technical Workshop with around 100 Partners from across the Region. The following materials are designed as generic regional guidance to be tailored at the country level in line with specific needs and circumstances in each country. The guidance notes provide specific guidance on different topics and aspects of 3RP Plan development. They are designed to assist Sector and Inter-sector Coordinators to complete the necessary templates and formats that make up their 3RP Plan Submission. These materials can serve as recommendations and good practices for planning to be used in full, tailored, or not used at all, depending on the country context. The notes and templates should be considered complementary to any guidance issued at the country level for national planning processes. The materials are not intended as advice or instructions to governments on developing national plans or budgets. They are not intended to replace or supersede any country-level guidance. The materials were developed by the 3RP Regional Drafting Committee, made up of UN and INGO representatives from each 3RP country and the regional level, and have been endorsed by the 3RP Regional Technical Committee, which is comprised of representatives of UN Agencies and INGOs at the regional level.   Download the 3RP Regional Guidance Kit for 2016... read more

UN agencies and partners say funding shortage leaves Syrian refugees and host nations without vital support

Amman, 25 June 2015: A shortage of funds is hampering humanitarian and development assistance efforts to meet the needs of 3.9 million refugees who have fled the conflict in Syria, as well as more than 20 million people in affected local communities hosting them in neighbouring countries, according to a report released today. More than 200 partners in the Regional Refugee & Resilience Plan (3RP) in Response to the Syria Crisis are calling on the international community to act faster to deliver on their pledges of support to the 3RP. Against the USD 4.53 billion required for programmes implemented by UN agencies and NGOs under the plan, only USD 1.06 billion – 23 per cent – has been received as at the end of May.  This leaves a gap of some USD 3.47 billion. “This massive crisis requires far more solidarity and responsibility-sharing from the international community than what we have seen so far,” said UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres.  “But instead, we are so dangerously low on funding that we risk not being able to meet even the most basic survival needs of millions of people over the coming six months.” Already, as a result of the funding shortfall, 1.6 million refugees have had their food assistance reduced this year; 750,000 children are not attending school; and lifesaving health services are becoming too expensive for many, including 70,000 pregnant women at risk of unsafe deliveries.  Some 86 per cent of urban refugees in Jordan live below the poverty line of USD 3.2 per day, while 45 per cent of refugees in Lebanon live in sub-standard shelters. ... read more

Latest 3RP Update: Donors pledge $3.6 billion toward Syria crisis response plans

On 31 March, the Third International Humanitarian Pledging Conference in Response to the Syria Crisis (Kuwait III) mobilized commitments of more than USD 3.6 billion in support of the Syria Strategic Response Plan (SRP) and Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan (3RP). The Conference was hosted for the third year in a row by the Amir of Kuwait, His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah. The generous donor support comes as the security, humanitarian and development situation inside Syria continues its downward spiral. It is a significant show of support and solidarity with Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, which are now hosting more than 3.9 million Syrian refugees between them. Some 600,000 refugees are out of school, 2.4 million are in need of food assistance, and 1.4 million very vulnerable people need cash assistance to meet their most basic needs. Meanwhile, essential services such as health, education and sanitation in these host countries are at a breaking point. In light of this situation, the United Nations Secretary-General, Mr Ban Ki-Moon, used his opening address to encourage donors to continue channeling funds that link development and humanitarian assistance. The 3RP was developed as a platform to facilitate just such linkages by integrating humanitarian and development priorities into a single response. UN High Commissioner for Refugees Mr António Guterres reinforced the need for such a new approach. “After four years of conflict, we are at a tipping point,” he said. “It is clear that the world’s response to the crisis in Syria cannot be business as usual. The situation is becoming unsustainable.” Ms Helen Clark, Administrator of UNDP, presented in her... read more

Third International Humanitarian Pledging Conference for Syria to be held in Kuwait

The Third Pledging Conference aims to raise the funds required to meet the needs set out in the 2015 Syria Response Plan and the Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan (3RP) 2015-2016. The conference will be hosted and opened by the Amir of Kuwait, His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, and will be chaired by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Ms Valerie Amos, Emergency Relief Coordinator, Mr. António Guterres, High Commissioner for Refugees and Ms. Helen Clark, Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme will speak at the conference. The Conference will take place on 31 March 2015 in Kuwait City. Download the 3RP 3RP key messages final prepared ahead of the Conference and visit the Conference website for more... read more

Government of Egypt, United Nations and Partners Launch Major Aid Plan for Syrian Refugees in Egypt and Host Community

CAIRO (17 February 2015) – As Syria’s war heads towards a fifth year, the United Nations and partners launched a major new humanitarian and development appeal, requesting over US$8.4 billion in funds to help nearly 18 million people in Syria and across the region in 2015. Today the Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan (3RP) Egypt chapter is launched jointly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the United Nations in the capital Cairo. The Egypt appeal is addressing some of the needs of almost six million people; including an estimated 300,000 Syrian refugees (136,254 of whom are registered with UNHCR) living in the most impacted areas in Egypt, as well as the most affected communities hosting them. The government of Egypt, the United Nations, and their partners are appealing for almost US $380 million to cover both the refugee and resilience components in 2015. The crisis has exacerbated pre-existing vulnerabilities in the impacted communities and has put pressure on the local economy, especially in education and health services. “In spite of the already strained Egyptian economy and infrastructure during the last three years, the Egyptian people and government took a decision since the beginning of the refugee crisis to provide our Syrian brothers full and free access to the same public services rendered to Egyptians. The same health care, education and higher education, which are massively subsidized and are often provided virtually free of charge, ”said Ambassador Abderahman Salah, the Assistant Foreign Minister for Arab and Middle Eastern Affairs. “Consequently, Egypt has the highest enrolment rates of the Syrian refugee children with 39,314 school students and almost 14,000 university... read more

3RP Information Management and Monitoring & Evaluation Workshop

Venue: Istanbul Date: 18 and 19 February Participants: 3RP Inter-sector coordinators (refugee and resilience) from each country, Inter-sector IM/M&E focal person from each country, M&E/IM experts from regional agencies, including NGOs.   Background: This workshop will build on a workshop (see attached report) held on 13 October 2014 which helped to inform the preparation and planning for the 3RP 2015-16.  As we move to the implementation phase of the 3RP, attention to M&E and IM from the beginning is critical for the ability of participants to report on the achievements of the 3RP in meeting its dual objectives of providing humanitarian assistance and building resilience among individuals, communities and systems.   Objectives of the Workshop: The workshop will be based on an information-sharing model and is designed to propagate good practices, initiatives and approaches being undertaken at the country and regional level.  The workshop will examine issues both conceptually (ie: why and how we should use IM/M&E in the response) and technically (ie: what tools and methodologies are applicable and available). Consistent with the intention of the 3RP being country driven, the workshop will include reflections and existing or expected challenges at the country level to monitoring, evaluating and reporting on the implementation of the 3RP. Based on these precepts, the objectives of the Workshop will be to: Establish minimum standards or benchmarks for regional reporting, and confirm processes for reporting, including monthly (ie: output) dashboard reporting generate ideas and actions for more in-depth quarterly dashboard reporting, including but not limited to options for: resilience tracking, measurement and reporting; outcomes/impact reporting, including establishing baselines from previous appeals; financial tracking... read more


BERLIN (18 December 2014) – As Syria’s war heads towards a fifth year, the United Nations and partners today launched a major new humanitarian and development appeal, requesting over US$8.4 billion in funds to help nearly 18 million people in Syria and across the region in 2015.

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