Press release: Lack of funding putting help for Syrian refugees and hosts at risk, as Brussels Syria Conference opens

Geneva, 4 April – As the ‘Brussels Conference on Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region’ opens, UNHCR and UNDP – on behalf of the 240 international and national partners and the host governments in the region – are extremely concerned by the current low funding levels of the response to help millions of Syrian refugees and the communities hosting them. Into the seventh year of the conflict in Syria, there are now more than 5 million Syrian refugees living in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, and many more who have made the dangerous journey to Europe and farther afield. Yet, as the world prepares to meet in Brussels, only a fraction of the funds needed to assist them has been received. The primary regional appeal and strategy – the Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan (3RP) for 2017 -calls for $4.63bn to continue delivering vital protection and assistance for refugees and host communities. To date – only $433m of the amount requested has been received, just 9% of what is needed. Without additional funding, all areas of assistance will be curtailed this year. Food and cash assistance will be reduced or cut by mid-year, challenging stability and security in the region. With the majority of Syrian refugees falling below national poverty lines, families will face the impossible choice of taking their children out of school, adding to the half a million children already missing out on education. Support for livelihoods and job creation programmes will be slowed – at a time when unemployment is on the rise for refugees and host communities alike. “The situation is getting... read more

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