Press release: New appeal seeks continued support for Syrian refugees and countries hosting them

Amman, 5 December 2016 – With the conflict in Syria well into its sixth year and with little progress on the political front, United Nations Agencies and NGO partners today appealed for US$4.63 billion in new funding to continue vital work over the next two years. The Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan (3RP) brings together more than 240 partners in a coordinated, region-wide response to assist 9.1 million people in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Iraq – 4.7 million Syrian refugees and over 4.4 million members of the communities hosting them. Refugees have grown increasingly vulnerable – with the vast majority living below the poverty line and struggling to afford essentials such as food, rent and health care. 70% of people in need are women and children. Half of refugee children are out of school. The approaching winter makes support for refugees and the countries which host them all the more vital. “Six years into the conflict and still refugees and those who host them need our help – now more than ever,” said Amin Awad, UNHCR Director for the Middle East and North Africa Bureau and Regional Refugee Coordinator for Syria and Iraq. “The 3RP gives us the platform to help restore their dignity and hope for the future – and for that to happen, they need jobs, livelihoods, education and more importantly protection.” Now heading into its third year of programming, the 3RP has so far supported the governments of countries neighbouring Syria. As the Syria crisis continues unabated, needs continue to mount and refugees and host communities alike are facing increasing hardship. Host communities and governments need... read more

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